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Platinum Edition DVD Let's Stop Climate Change!

30-minute animated adventure teaches and empowers kids on this important environmental issue.

MP3's of songs and ringtones

Bonus Cartoonlets feature the gang

Hippo Works family wall poster

45 page E-Handbook with puzzle, coloring sheet printouts and more!

Attention Teachers! - Lesson plans with indexed chapters correlated to National Science Standards.

Topics covered include Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect, the Food Chain, Carbon Footprints, and eco habits like the "Three Rs" (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling), Composting, and Carbon Offsetting.


The film inspires eco action - see photos of kids having a climate change bake sale and volunteers painting eco themed school murals to leave kids with daily reminders about the importance of composting, planting trees, and organic gardening. 

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